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AfterEffects Reel
Videography Reel

:30 spot used to market our return to live following the 2020 COVID shutdown

Fully produced from idea - to logo - to shots - to final edit

TV Series I edited for the Miami Dolphins

More fun with the Promotion teams.


One of my favorite, most challenging, videos was a zombie spoof video I created at the Florida Panthers.  It was written, shot/directed, and edited in 3 days.  3 days!  Thats one day of planning and writing, one day of shooting / directing, and one day of editing.  It was insane and so much fun.  If I had more time I would have loved to add sound effects and so much more.  I'm pretty proud of how it turned out and once again the ice girls and energy team were so helpful and supportive throughout the whole project.  

Just for fun we did a flash dance at the end of the shoot day.  Goes to show just how much fun everyone had that they were all willing to stay a bit longer.   

Fight Club


During my time with the Florida Panthers we ended up having a season with 3 pretty consistent fighters on the team.  And all 3 were playing every game.  AND all 3 were pretty good at fighting!  I thought a feature on each of them talking about fighting would be a pretty unique look into the life of a player.  They were short and action packed.  

When the VP of Marketing has a fun idea for a video, you grab your gear and get it done.  This quick little video I shot and edited to help promote ticket sales.

Mascot race game with live different outcomes.

Player introduction video to start the season after losing in game 7 of the first round of playoffs the year prior.

It shows the disappointment of losing and how you pick yourself back up and start over the next season.

Mascot wrestling skit.

When the Florida Panthers made it to the NHL Playoffs, the NHL did not provide us with a TV spot.  I utilized some of the other Playoffs spots to created one that fit our storyline.  

TV spot promoting Lady Panthers auditions.

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